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Case Study

OmniChannel White Paper - Discuss the challenges contact center face today with voice, email, web chat, SMS   (request the white paper by emailing a request to ) 

AT&T And Dial Interactive Simple Solution To A Complex Problem With Solutions and Benifits For Your Contact Center Case Study

2016 Dial Interactive It Is All About The Data -Route It! Case Study - How DI Route It data extraction tool can pull all your edit plan data form Route It information daily

2017 Dial Interactive Toll Free Inventory Report Route It! Case Study - How DI Route It and other DI tools can create a super set of data for all your Toll Free, CPCLII and  Circuit ID's and 29 other data elements

Past News Letters

How Customers Prefer Text 800 vs Calling To A Contact Centers Learn How To Optimization And Increased ROI In Your Call Center DI Newsletter 

True Cost Of Ownership of a Cloud VS Premise  Based System, Cloud Blue Skies or Not Winter DI Newsletter 

Social Media and Multi-channel Communications Are Impacting the Contact Center DI Newsletter

Use Predictive Analytics To Engage In The Right Social Conversation, DI Deliver a SMART Customer Experience Using Big Data DI Newsletter

Cost Savings And Benefits and Downside of Telecommuting, To Telecommute Or Not Where Is The ROI DI Newsletter  

Call Scoring, KPI Measurement And What to Consider When Developing a Reporting System, DI Call Center Reporting Newsletter

First Call Resolution Will Help Improve Customer Satisfacation and Lower Your Call Center Labor Cost DI Newsletter

Preform a Operational and Technology Assessment, Test  Plan, Prepare Your Contact Center's Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Planning DI Newsletter

Analyze Your Contact Centers Calls By Preforming a Call Type Analysis And Call Flow Improvements, This Will Reduce Cost And Improve Customer Satisfaction DI Newsletter

Peak Performance Testing AKA Load Testing Help Prevent Your Customers Form Getting a Busy When Calling Your Contact Center DI Newsletter

Outbound IVR Will Help Keep Your Customers Up To Date on Schedules And Reduce The Labor Cost in Your Contact Center DI Newsletter

Remote Agents and Telecommunting Will Lower Your Contact Center Cost And Performance Monitoring 7 x  24 Will Help To Keep Your System Up DI Newsletter