Route It Consulting Services

Route It Consulting Services

Dial Interactive can provide the following Route It Consulting services:

  • Daily change report of all Route It changes made from the prior day
  • Create a Super Set of All Route It Data
  • Assist remotely or on site with Edit Plan clean ups
  • Prepare analysis of current and future routing plans and schedule sets
  • Track down toll free numbers that are no longer working
  • Assist in migration from TDM to SIP /IP Flex
  • Phone number inventory management
  • Routine Route It maintenance (Every day Route It operation and maintenance)
  • Re Engineer Route It to work more efficiently with Cisco UCCE and Genesys

Data Elements available in the Route It / Non Route It Super Set

DN – Dialed Number 800-XXX-xxxx Service City Routing Plan
Account number  1800-001-xxxx / 1001-198-xxxx Label Schedule Set
Sub Account  1800-001-xxxx / 1001-198-xxxx Access Line Service Type
MCN – Master Customer Number – Billing Account Biller SERVICE NAME – Customer Name
Account-TN – Account Terminating Number CUS SERVICE ADDRESS
Service Type – MEGACOM – READYLINE COS RRN – Routing Number
CPCLLI – Customer Primary Call Delivery Location Termination Name NRN – Network Routing Number
APN- Action Point Number TRNT Type Recording Number
Call Volume for the Month NCP – Network Control Port

Route It Data Extraction Tool

Dial Interactive can provide your company with a data extraction tool to pull all of your AT&T Route IT reports nightly. DI also offers custom reports from the extracted data that can be emailed or sent via FTP in a CSV file daily. The daily reports will include valuable information such as RRN, Toll Free Number, Out pulse Digits, Edit Plan Name, Schedule Set Name TRNT Routing Number, Direct Dial Number and Term Name much more. This data extract can also be merged with other data provided on a daily basis.

Sample of Some of the Daily Route IT Reports Downloaded Daily:

  • TRNT Table Data Extraction Run by Access Lines: Data Elements – TRNT Routing #, Dialed Number, Voice Tone, ARN, Transfer Feature, Direct Dial Transfer
  • IPTF Routing Tables IP Termination Report: Data Elements – RRN, Out pulse Digits, Billing Number
  • TRNT Toll Free Numbers Report: Data Elements – Dialed Number, Schedule Set, Routing Plan, Term Name Out pulse Digits
  • Multiple Termination Report: Data Elements – MCN, NCP Account, Term Routing Number, Access Line, Term Name, TRNT Type, Service Type, Location, Routing Plan

Custom Reports can be created from the Business Direct Toll Free 800 Route It site and downloaded data on a daily basis.

Dial interactive also has the ability to assist with all of your Toll Free 800 number design, planning, custom reporting and maintenance needs, call (954) 256-1818 or email us at for a one hour free phone consultation.

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