Discover Dial Interactive

DI provides Contact Center Consulting Services focused on Strategy, Technology, Route IT and Optimization for industry leaders. DI was founded by Don Sutton and Phil Grosdidier in 2001. All DI personnel have 20+ years of telecommunications, consulting and technology experience. We are passionate people who help enterprise companies strategically plan, build and optimize their contact centers. DI can help enhance the customer’s experience, meet company objectives, elevate the value of your investments and produce quantifiable and tangible business ROI.

It’s a complex world out there. The growing disconnect between the business and IT is getting even more challenging. DI understands and is passionate about both. In addition, legacy systems and new technology don’t always see eye to eye. Simply put, we connect these many diverse complex parts together.

Whether you have an existing contact center in need of an upgrade, or you are an organization who is tired of outsourcing your contact center needs and would like to add those capabilities in-house, Dial Interactive can help you make it happen.

Dial Interactive is a quality driven company that is ISO 9001 :2015 Certified