Cisco UCCE ICM / CVP Scripting

CVP Scripting Review and Development

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP) sets a new standard for extending automated self-service beyond the limits of traditional interactive voice response (IVR) systems and enterprise voice portal platforms. CVP can be deployed in both TDM-based and IP-based contact centers and it can be deployed in a hybrid environment that many businesses have as they migrate their telephony networks to a common converged environment for data, voice, and video traffic.

ICM Script Editor

ICM Script Editor

When agent assistance is required, CVP can easily provide call routing and transfer services to route calls to the best location and resource to handle the inquiry. CVP includes support for automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities so callers can obtain personalized answers to their questions and conduct business in innovative ways, without the costs of interacting with a live agent.
For example, with CVP customers can:

•Pay a bill
•Order products and track delivery
•Locate a dealer
•Schedule a pickup
•Change name and address information
•Make travel arrangements
•Check payment status
•Receive notification of unusual activity
•Request literature or product information

Dial Interactive can assist you with your Cisco Customer Voice Portal solution by developing a business case, conducting a call flow/scripting assessment, and/or developing and deploying CVP applications.

Each Dial Interactive project is structured to fit your specific needs. Dial Interactive begins by working jointly with your organization to gain a solid understanding of your business strategy, environment and process architecture that will drive the technology and application requirements. This involves looking closely at your existing business logic, call
flows and scripts. This approach helps to ensure that business objectives are aligned with the technical solution and that the outcomes correlate to your desired requirements.
An example of project steps includes the following:

Step 1 – Scripting Assessment

•Business logic
•Call flow logic
•Routing and Admin scripts
•Self-service applications
•Skill groups

Deliverables may include requirements review and application recommendations for achieving improvements in client satisfaction, decreased costs and productivity gains.

Step 2 – Requirements, Configuration and Design

•Refine requirements against review results
•Develop configurations, applications, scripts
•Touchtone / speech
•Enterprise routing business rules
•Self service business rules
•Call flows (design / redesign)
•Routing and admin script development
•Develop test plans
•Develop back out plans

Deliverable’s may include a design document, bill of materials review, updated network diagram to include CVP components, test plan documents for fail over and administration manuals and CVP working applications.

Step 3 – Migration and Integration
Step 4 – Testing, Documentation, Knowledge Transfer
Step 5 – Post-Cutover Support

Other Contact Center Services Available
1. Technology Assessments (Technology, Systems, And Applications):
Technology (ACD/PBX, network, CVP, IVR, outbound, CTI, multi-channel, Omnichannel,  CRM, performance management, workforce management, quality monitoring / call recording, reporting etc.)
2. Design and Implementation/Integration (Greenfield,Upgrades, Migrations):

• Cisco ICM
• Cisco CVP / Audium / Speech Recognition
• Cisco IP IVR / Speech Recognition
• Cisco Outbound
• Cisco Email Management and Web Collaboration
• Cisco CTI OS
• Cisco CAD
• Cisco with Avaya and Nortel

3. Business Process Re-engineering / Analysis and Redesign:

• Business And Contact Process Flow
• Multi Vendor IVR Call Flows
• Multi Vendor Multi Channel Contact Flows
• Call Routing / Scripting
• Campaign Management / Agent Scripting Tools

4. Other Call Center Services Offered:

• Strategy Development
• Benchmarking / Best Practices Audit
• Workforce Management Assessment (Metrics, Sizing, Forecasting, Scheduling)
• Quality Monitoring / Recording Assessment and Integration (i.e. Witness/Verint)
• Business Case Analysis / ROI
• Technology RFP Development And Management
• Reporting Audit
• Custom Reporting
• People-Related Change Management
• Process Quality Management
• Knowledge Management
• Project Management of Multiple Vendors
• Risk Mitigation and Timeline