AWS Amazon Connect Assessment


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Your IT and telecom department is looking to spend over a million dollars on upgrading call center equipment. The Dial Interactive team can help your company map the correct contact center solutions to meet business needs. DI will develop new cloud and premise business requirements dependent on your company’s existing and future telecommunication environment. Our goal is to align your organization with the correct technology.

Amazon Connect Assessment

The DI Amazon Connect Assessment is an unbiased analysis covering your company’s Contact Centers Communication channels, enterprise environment, and existing data centers. The assessment will perform a current state analysis covering your company’s voice communication technologies, website traffic, email response times, social media presence, web chat effectiveness, company survey tools, and existing database / data center environments.

Next Step is to perform the requirements analysis with the business stakeholders and the end users. The task requires one on one interviews with key stakeholders and end users to better understand the challenges associated with your company’s current telecommunications environment.

Based on the current environment analysis and requirement analysis performed, the DI team will develop a technology gap analysis. The analysis clearly presents  and compares your company’s current telecommunication strengths and weakness to the best suited Amazon Connect solution. Finally, the analysis provides your company with a road map to prepare for Amazon Connect.

Next Step is to perform the requirements analysis with the business stake holders and the end users. This task will require interviews, analysis of all communication data.

Based on the results of the current environment analysis and requirement analysis the DI team will perform a technology gap analysis and prepare a Amazon Connect road map to provide your company and agents a pleasant experience. The gap analysis will show the strengths and weakness of the Amazon Connect to your current solution or other potential solutions.

Sample areas of Gap Analysis

  • How AWS Connect will integrates with you exciting enterprise call center applications such as Verint, Nice, Calabrio , Cisco , Avaya
  • How AWS Connect will integrates with your CRM solutions, Oracle, Sales Force ect
  • How AWS Connect integrates with AWS tools such as S3 and Redshift
  • What the true cost will be for your new Amazon Connect Solution.


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