Dial Interactive has solutions for your company

Dial Interactive has solutions for your company

Contact Center Assessment is an unbiased analysis across the interrelated areas of Contact centers. A DI assessment identifies labor and technology cost savings, methods for maximizing efficiency’s and utilization improvements. An assessment may include one or two specific areas or the entire contact center environment (i.e. strategy, operations, technology, disaster recovery, workforce management, quality monitoring/recording, reporting). During an assessment DI identifies areas of strength that need to be leveraged, identifies pain points that need to be alleviated, reviews benchmarks, processes/practices and documents assessment findings. DI tailors recommendations to the unique needs, culture, and environment of each client in order to improve sales, reduce costs, increase efficiency’s, increase agent and technology utilization, improve competitive positioning, increase employee and customer satisfaction and improve the overall customer experience.

Omnichannel Assessment Is an unbiased analysis across the interrelated areas of Contact Centers Communications channels. The Assessment will perform a current state analysis of your companies Inbound / Outbound Voice, Voice, Web, AI Chat Bot Self-service technologies, email, Chat, Social Media and Survey tools. The assessment includes performing the requirements analysis with the business stake holders and the end users. This task will require interviews, analysis of all communication data. Based on the results of the current environment analysis and requirement analysis the DI team will perform a technology gap analysis and prepare a Omnichannle road map to provide your customer and agents a pleasant experience.

Contact Center ICM / CVP Scripting, Configuration, and Integration is the analysis of the contact routing environment to ensure that application scripts and system configurations are correct and optimized. The DI analysis may include voice and data networks, dialed numbers, routing, load balancing, contact types, translation routes, self-service, speech recognition, computer telephony, scripts, call flows, business logic, skill group assignment, contact center design preparation, design modifications, scripting, and configuration. Activities involve developing scripts, business rules, assigning queues, self-service/speech call flow development, establishing skill groups, agents and extensions, computer telephony solutions (screen pop, softphone) integration (i.e. IVR, call routing, CTI, multi-channels, workforce management, quality monitoring/recording, outbound, remote agent, reporting, middleware, databases, etc.) developing test plans, cutover planning and baseline testing.

Contact Center Process Redesign (i.e. IVR / CVP Remote Agent, Outbound) is the documentation of current end-to-end processes and mapping of those processes to identify ineffective/inefficient steps in a contact center. DI’s redesign project concludes with recommendations that typically result in immediately increasing revenue, decreasing costs, increasing productivity and improving the overall customer experience.

Self Service Call Flow / IVR/ CVP Re-engineering is the analysis of self-service contact flows and application tune-ups. Well-tuned self-service applications can result in millions of dollars per year in savings, and lead to improved self-service completion percentages, happier customers, and a happy CFO. DI’s approach and re-engineering methodology includes an analysis of call flows, applications, technology, overall business processes and comprehensive recommendations for call flow/IVR / CVP  improvements.

Custom Report Development and Analytics is the review of current reports, data sources, reporting needs, analysis, design and development of custom reports. DI then works with stakeholders to design and develop custom reports that can be used for strategic insight and for managing the day to day business activities. DI consultants have experience working with all major reporting solutions (WebView, Crystal, InfoMaker Interaction Center, Info Mart, AT&T BusinessDirect, Crystal and more.

Workforce Management Review is the analysis of Workforce Management (WFM) technologies and processes including call forecasting, scheduling, and intra-day adherence. DI’s services cover the inter-related areas that are key to workforce efficiency. The evaluation includes interviews and analysis of the WFM operation, assessment of processes and data (i.e. performance measures and results) and systems (i.e. applications, technology, reporting). It concludes with actionable recommendations to help reduce labor costs; improve employee satisfaction and better manage peaks and valleys of busy hours.

Technology RFP Management is the end-to-end management of the customer RFP process and includes initial conceptual design, vendor selection, weighted decision matrix, price comparisons, and other critical items. DI performs a requirements review and the information acquired is transformed into a comprehensive RFP. The RFP is sent to vendors qualified to meet the overall business requirements, DI reviews and compiles RFP responses, populates a feature-weighted grid by vendor and participates with the customer in the final presentation made by the top vendors.

Route IT Services  DI can provide your company with a data extraction tool to pull all of your Toll Free 800 Number Route IT reports nightly. DI also offers custom reports from the extracted data that can be emailed or sent via FTP in a CSV file daily. The daily RouteIT! reports will include valuable information such as RRN, Toll-Free Number, Out pulse Digits, Edit Plan Name, Schedule Set Name TRNT Routing Number, Direct Dial Number and Term Name much more. This data extract can also be merged with other data provided on a daily basis.

Amazon Connect DI can help your company with doing an evaluation of how to leverage Amazon Connect / AWS / Amazon web service. DI can also assist in developing a lab or production environment utilizing the Amazon Connect Services.

Dial Interactive is a quality driven company that is ISO 9001:2015 Certified