Case Study – Omnichannel Benifits

Benefits of Omnichannel

Dial Interactive works with different solutions providers based on companies requirements. We determine the real need to align your systems to the correct technology for your organization based on an assessment and find the right solution for you.

Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution:
• Improve the customer journey: Omnichannel will Improve first call resolution. Tracking and managing the visitor's experience using multiple channels such as a website, mobile app, email, chat or by phone helps create a positive customer experience.
• Uniformed message: Message match is critical today. An example of this would be that your agent can see the customer interactions with various communication channels. This way the agent is empowered to help the customer representing the entire organization.
• Increased personalization: The interface and channel integration of webpage, social media, live web chats, mobile applications and telephone communication is key to building and keeping customer relationships. Using personalization reaches your target audience and keeps them engaged.
• Consistent and compatible touch points: Omnichannel allows the caller's information to be analyzed with AI and present to information to agents desktop on the information the customer wants to talk about.
• Improved of communications. Multiple departments can meet their business needs and work cohesively and increased efficiencies.
• Leverage existing technology: Ability to use both Cloud and Premise Based Systems. Use your legacy systems and newer solutions together.
• Better visibility to make smart decisions: Ability to report agent metrics across all communication channels voice, email, chat, SMS, etc. Remember, "If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it."

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