Contact Center Case Study with Dial Interactive & AT&T

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem – DI AT&T Case Study

Profitability is the key to a successful business. Since it costs six times as much to add a new customer as to retain one, companies are rapidly adopting a customer-centric approach to help build a competitive differentiator. In today’s virtual and connected marketplace, customers have more choices than ever about where to spend their money and how to express their opinions about the companies they do business with.

This logic drove AT&T and Dial Interactive to help one of our clients develop a plan that would reduce operating expenses and improve efficiencies by optimizing their existing infrastructure in their call center technologies so they could become more customer-centric.

Read our case study of an example that seems simple on the surface, but not so once we explored further.  Click here to read:  A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem – DI AT&T Case Study.

Case Study

Case Study