First Call Resolution

Technologies that support First Call Resolution


Effective First Contact Resolution emphasizes that organizations need to offer personalized, consistent and integrated services across all channels. A customer’s engagement with an organization can take them across many channels and many applications, which can include but are not limited to the Internet, voice, e-mail and face-to-face service at different points.

Here are a few technologies that support FCR:

Workforce Optimization (WFO) – Interaction Recording and Quality Monitoring mean that you can measure the leading and lagging indications that are important to FCR, identify non-adherence and schedule relevant e-Learning where necessary. To help ensure that contact centers are staffed with the right number of correctly skilled agents, WFO embraces two key emerging technologies – Speech Analytics and Customer Feedback. They provide a real-time overview of performance from a customer perspective.

Speech Analytics – The latest phonetics-based and large vocabulary speech analytics tools now offer a cost-effective way to listen to every single customer call and pick out keywords and phrases to identify unhappy customers who are likely to churn.

Customer Feedback – By capturing the voice of the customer and using automated speech survey techniques to deliver real-time feedback, organizations can quickly identify customers with problems and immediately alert retention teams to resolve the issue.

Agent Desktops – Composite, role-specific agent desktops can help agents access the information they need in order to handle calls quickly, with a focus on the customer rather than on the screens in front of them. A blended multi-channel approach ensures consistency across channels and ensures that contacts are prioritized and routed in the same way.

Intelligent Call Routing – Organizations can identify an interaction when it first comes in – whether it’s a voice call, an email, a self-service transaction, a webchat or an SMS – and make sure that it is routed to an available agent with the right skill set. 

Voice Self-service – Using the latest IVR and speech technologies along with a caller-focused design approach means that organizations can implement solutions that can resolve customer queries quickly and efficiently.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Help your caller get to the right agent with the right skill set in a timely, effective manner.

AT&T Route IT- Help your telecom team with complex call flows and edit plan, schedule sets in RouteIT!.

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